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RP based on a space conoly
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PostSubject: HOW TO RP!! [IMPORTANT]   HOW TO RP!! [IMPORTANT] EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 2:16 pm

Ahem.. I guess I will tell you how to RP here.
So make sure to read here first befor RP ing the RP places here!
Now let's begin!!

1. To enter a a place, please write....[enters] In the beginning of your post. This is very important.

2. Then, to talk, just write normally.

3. to do action, don't forget to use [] too. So for example. [jumps off from a nearby cliff] or something like that.

4. For talking to your self, use Italic. For example. = I better leave

5. To end the RP in that place or want to move to another place, write [leaves] in the end of your post.

6. If you want to offline or maybe you have sudden thing to do, just don't forget to [leaves] before you go offline.

7. To talk OOC in while you're still RPing, use {{}}. Example= {{Sorry, I gotta go now. Thanks for the RP!!}}

8. NPC chat will be done in red NPCs can be shopkeepers or assistants ect ect please put the name/type of NPC before you type

Now, for the whole example.


[look around]
Hmph, this is stupid.

Member of the public: I like it here [dances]

[I better leave...]


{{Sorry, I need to eat my lunch now. I'll online later}}

I guess this is enough. More soon!! So please learn how to RP here, okay?
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