The Ark

RP based on a space conoly
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 Basic Plot and info

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The year is 2387 and 99% of humans have evolved each human is born with abilitys or powers. Space travel is now as simple and as cheap as getting a bus. A new law has passed after scientists discovered the "criminal gene" which 1/10,000,000 people have it apparantly increases peoples chances of becoming criminals. The H.R.G. (human race goverment) passed a law thats states all people with this gene will be imprisoned upon a mobile space conoly to travel space inprisoned and. However this law was kept in the dark in order not to breach human rights they carried out the tests in order to find something they made up called the "Genius gene". No trial no justice these people with the criminal gene have all vanished from site and from any official records doomed to forever be imprisoned for a crime they may or may not commit.

The ark

The Ark is a mobile space conoly about the size of a small town it is considered a HRG military station. Dispite it being a prison it offers a semi comfortable life style to those on board. The ARK has a AFG (automatic food generator) and a state of the art AI known as the A.C.D.C. state of the are security and lab equipment.

The enforcers

The enforcers were an elite group who were created by the U.N. in the year 2064 to maintain order the enforcers only answer to president of the human race and noone else. this has led to much debate about the enforcers as they consistantly act out of human law in order to get the job done. The Ark project is headed up by the enforcers and the president of humans and have been exhalted from human laws while onboard of the ark

RP info

This is an open RP which means characters can join in anywhere

The only private places are character homes try to keep intimate acts there

Characters can be killed so be warned and will have a strikeout through their name but only with player permission or a perma ban
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Basic Plot and info
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