The Ark

RP based on a space conoly
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 Amelia Felmes

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Amelia Felmes

Amelia Felmes

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Name: Amelia Felmes
Height: 1,70 m
Weight: 65 kg
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Likes: Drawing, singing, reading, nature, sweet food (cakes, ice cream...).
Dislikes: Mean people, lies.

Power: Bind
Power Rank: A

Personality: Amelia is really nice and understanding. She understands the decision of the Government to imprison people with the criminal gene in order to avoid crimes to be made. But the fact that not everyone has comitted a crime yet makes her despise the enforcers who treat the prisonners badly. She thus tries to find out who the corrupted enforcers are in order to put a stop to their actions, thinking that they deserve more to be prisonners than many of the peolpe imprisonned here.
She tries her best to stay cheerful despite the lot of work she has to do.

- Strong will
- Good memory
- Quite good looking

- Frail
- No sence of direction
- Suggestible

History: Amelia's father was in the army and her mother was a social worker. She had a happy childhood with both her parents truly loving her. She had no problem with her studies and when she was of age, she decided to join the police school. After some time in the police, her administrative skills and good behavior lead her to be asked to become the captain of the Ark.

Appearance: Amelia has light brown/dark blonde hair tied in a short ponytail. Her eyes are blue and her skin is a bit pale. She is a bit tall and slender. She usually wears her uniform and when she's not she is wearing a woman's suit. She has a kind expression.

Very good administrative skills.
Quite agile.
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Amelia Felmes
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