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RP based on a space conoly
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 Yukito Moreau

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Yukito Moreau

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Name:Yukito Moreau
Height:1,88 M
Likes:Girls who fit sterotypes found in anime,Anime/Cartoons,Peeping on girls,Giant servings of pancakes,Fishing and marine life,Naps
Dislikes:Those who hurt women,Zero gravity,Lockdown,Early mornings,Being tied up
Power:Super Speed
Power Rank:Rank A
Personality:Yukito is a lazy,irresponseable,no good pervert who is a total free spirit he is a prankster and is seen as an enemy of womankind however is pervertness does not stem to more serious things (IE sexual abuse or rape) dispite his outward appearance he is a very clever person who is watching when people think he is not. he has a way with words and uses this to get himself out of a lot of trouble
-He can accelirate any part of his body at super speeds this includes his brain which gives him near immuinty from telipaths but only for about 30 seconds as it strains his body.
-He is a very gifted speaker and can charm people
-His easy going nature makes him very easy to get along with
-Can be very reliable when the time is called for

-Is a total pervert
-Dispite his speed he cannont convert the moumentum into strenght
-Has a hard time taking things seriously

History:Yukito Moreau Grew up traveling between Japan and France his dad was a history teacher in Japan and his Mother an art teacher in France he grew up to be known as the "King of sports" as he was the only known A-Rank speedster. Growing up in France he developed love for women because he used to sit in on his mothers nude art classes in japan he discoverd Moe and anime and his personallty was formed. He overheard his mother talking about the Genius programme was a fake he fled going on the run but was soon caught by a squad of enforcer telepaths. He was then sent to the Ark after being found with the criminal gene

- He has light brown hair which he dyes bleach blonde and spikes and brown eyes
- He can be seen in wearing Jeans fitted just for him which are friction proof
- He has a sweatband with a thunderbolt on his left hand a momento of his former basketball team
- He has mixed skin of an asian and europian and is considered a bishshonen

- Quick reflexes
- Extremely agile
- Can make split second choices
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Yukito Moreau
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