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RP based on a space conoly
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 Sumire Ichihara

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Sumire Ichihara

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Name: Ichihara Sumire
Height: 60 kg
Weight: 1,70 M
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Likes:All kinds of flowers, melodies, fruits, warmness, animals, Spring
Dislikes: Crowds, noisy/annoying people, people who are too carefree annoy her too
Power: Psychokinesis
Power Rank: B
Personality: Sumire can be described as a Tsundere. She's usally very strict, cold and serious most of the time and may look like she hates everything about everyone with thatgrumpy face, however she only does that to hide her soft side, wich cand be kind and loveable. She gets angry pretty easily so it's not a good idea to upset her if you don't want to be left floating in the air. She feels wronged for being put in the ark since she never did anything but she doesn't really mind it, just shrugs it off
Faction: Inmates
- She can levitate objetcs and people with simple moves and mantain them in air for some time. She can also move objects around.
- Her serious personality makes her a harworking and always prevented person.
- Has a great knowledge of flowers and herbs
- Even if she's bad with people she is pretty good at dealing with animals

- Sometimes is too stuborn and proud to admit that she failed
- Bad at social sittuations
- Not able to fully express her feelings
- She can only levitate things for certain time depending on it's weight since it can be quite stressful for the body.
- Also if she loses control of her feelings (ex: gets furious) she can unintentionally make things levitate.

Sumire grew up in a middle class family, her father and mother both worked at a florist in Tokyo wich made her like flowers a lot and also to know a lot about them. She had a little sister which she holds dearly, as well as a bird pet that greeted the customers whenever they entered the store. She discouvered her ability when she was seven and saved her baby sister from getting hit by a falling vase in the flourist. Her parents, scared of what could happen, tried to hide it as much as they could but her criminal gene was eventually found out, Sumire was then sent to the ark leaving her parents ans small sister behind. The sudden parting made her fear to become close to other people again that was when the cold part of her personality was born.

- Purple hair usually loose in the back and tied in the front, she also has clear blue eyes
- Her skin is pale, she's tall and slender
- Always wears a flower shaped necklace as well as a flower hairpin.
- Usually uses clear colours

How she looks like:
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Sumire Ichihara
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