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 Masayoshi Shun

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Masayoshi Shun

Masayoshi Shun

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Name: Masayoshi Shun
Height: 1,70 m
Weight: 62 kg
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Likes: Science, expirimenting with (dangerous) machines and chemicals, his family, inventing stuff, and curry rice.
Dislikes: Deep sea, people who use weapons and don't realize the responsibility that is part of carrying one, bitter food, injustice, being called a human (as an insult) and the human race in general.

Power: Generating/creating weapons out of thin air (including amunition when needed)
Power Rank: C
Faction: Enforcers


Shun is kind and tries to treat everyone equally, despite having a dislike for the human race. shows respect towards his elders and is considerate towards his juniors. Once he knows you, he will decide if you really are a person he should respect or dislike and treat you that way.
Thinks before he leaps, but when talking it's an other story: he tends to say what he thinks when he's not paying attention to it. Dislikes the way some enforcers treat the prissoners and will most likely one day snap at one of these enforcers. Getting on his bad side will not do you any good. Likes a good joke. Has great respect for his brother(s). Acts very responsible for a teenager. Though in the ways of knowledge about "females and males" he's completely innocent. His eyes start to sparkle when he has a chance to expiriment or built on his inventions. He can get overenthousiatic. But refuses to use prissoners as subject when experimenting. Can get angry if you just press the right button.

-Able to memorize in a short time.
-Good with machines.
-Resistant to most poisons.

- has a limit to how much he can create in one day, when he exeeds this limit his body will break itself appart to support the need of energy (whish is stored in his body) he needs.
- tends to overanalize things
- Loses track of time a lot

Third son of the Masayoshi family in Japan. Their family runs a dojo. His father was the dojo master and his mother a housewife. Due to certain events Shun is searching for his eldest brother with the second son. He and his brother discover they have the ability to leave "earth" and travel to other "worlds". This however can sometimes trigger spontaniously, in which case Shun or/and his brother are send to another world without doing it themselves. This is how Shun got on the ship. In another world and in a different time. After sneaking around, observing and getting caught. He gets away with saying he was hired as an enforcer. Now he's stuck on the ship until he finds a way to get him back to his original world. In this case: finding a portal, get resqued, wait until the "time" is up, getting killed (being killed isn't very pleasant, so getting killed is a last resort).
IMPORTANT: keep in mind that Shun is from an other time and most likely does not know the ways of the government, or even what the ship he's on IS.

Pretty much the same as in the pic I drew but:
He has short brown hair, with a cowlick sticking out. His eyes are sea blueish green and his sckin color is asian yellowish, not tanned.
He's still growing, but has a firm built, not bulky though. Hands and fingers are slender.
Will wear appropiate clothing for work, experimenting and free time and such. Though when he's in a hurry he will just grab anything close to him and put it on.
His expression is more varied than a normal man, but mostly he's smiling.

-quick thinking
-sharpshooter (doesn't matter with WHAT he's shooting)
-paperwork is finished in no time (if not in bad handwriting)

-You will most likely get sick if you eat his cooking. It's not disgusting food or anything, just don't eat it.
-Will use terms of other worlds unknown to this world.

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Masayoshi Shun
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