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RP based on a space conoly
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 Daryëlle Azlynn

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Daryëlle Azlynn

Daryëlle Azlynn

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Daryëlle Azlynn
Nickname/shorter version: Dary

1,69 m

72 kg

27 years old (internally 15 years old)


-Deceiving people
-Letting other people do things for him.
-Seeing people in pain or despair. (The closer you are the better. It's the way he shows love or affection.)

-Life in general.
-Laws if they're used against him.
-Arrogant people.

Temporarily erasing himself from 'existence'
You won't think of him or remember him. You don't even sense him even though he's touching you or standing right in front of you.

Power Rank:
Rank S

Seems a tad quiet. Is really nice and caring on the outside.
On the inside he's different.
He tries to find out personal information and things he can use, this is to set you up against your friends.
Will try to torture and bully you mentally and indirectly. After it succeeds he will try to act like the good guy and cheer you up, like he's your only friend.
Will torture you physically if he has to or feels like it, but it's usually mentally.
Does not act his age... He's sort of childish about things.


-His power.
-Breaking people mentally.
-Peeling potatoes.
-Cooking a few basic dishes.
-Having almost no thoughts in his head.

-Time-span and limited use of his power. (20-30 min and 4 times a day)
-Ordinary fighting strength.
-Uses different languages while speaking including his own self-made language that he created with friends when he was young.
-Can't stop his power. Can activate it but has to wait until it wears off.
-Can get irritated easily and has trouble to hide it. He gets sarcastic, ironic or cynical.

Dary's dad wasn't the brightest or someone who had great hearing. Dary's parents decided on two versions of his name.
His dad was the one who went to fill in the papers. He had misheard the gender of his child and filled in the female version.
His wife was furious at first, especially when they found out that it couldn't be changed.

Was a silent and lonely kid. He never really interacted with others. He did get two friends who played with him and they designed their own language together. Dary still uses it till this day. His classmates didn't care about him at first, but later on he started to change. His personality seemed brighter. He was trying to look how people reacted to different things. He developed this and got better at deceiving and playing people.

Half long brown/gingerish hair. It's flat. He has deep emerald/grass green eyes which seem to stare at you intensely. He usually looks or really happy and excited or bored to death.
He doesn't have real muscles or loads of fat. His clothing style changes each day.

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Daryëlle Azlynn
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