The Ark

RP based on a space conoly
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 Zdravo herkese. (Hello everybody)

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Daryëlle Azlynn

Daryëlle Azlynn

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Zdravo herkese. (Hello everybody) Empty
PostSubject: Zdravo herkese. (Hello everybody)   Zdravo herkese. (Hello everybody) EmptySun Mar 25, 2012 7:23 am


My name is Daryëlle Azlynn.
You can just call me Dary.


I'm one of the handhavers or enforcers on this ship.

I can't wait, to get to know everybody.

[folds hands and closes his eyes with a smile]

{{this was an intro for Daryëlle. Now it's my turn.

Name: Lianne, call me lilian XD
Age: 17
gender: female
Country: The Netherlands.
likes: reading and rping and writing xD
dislikes: tomatoes, arrogant people xD and school =-=
hobby: Soccer/football I'm a referee. (yes a female one and my victims are guys xD)

Nice to meet you ^^ }}
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Zdravo herkese. (Hello everybody)
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