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 MMO dos and donts

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Yukito Moreau

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MMO dos and donts Empty
PostSubject: MMO dos and donts   MMO dos and donts EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 2:58 pm

Hey hey im gunna do a review plus a lil segment on how to act while playing an mmo the review is a list of MMOs i recomend playing an and some i dont

so lets begin with the way you should act


Be friendly thats a no brainer
If you have experiance at the game give newbies advice and tips
Do try to interact with people
Join Guilds,Clans,Factions and teams it makes for a richer experiance
Do compliment a person if they do a good job
In PvP after a win or loss always say good game or GG
Do ask for help with a quest if you need it


Dont Beg for items or in game currency
Do not harrass people by running around them or stalking them
Do not give away your password no matter what
Do not complain to the support if you are playing bad the support is only as good as the front line
Do not flame or troll people during a PvP

okay now its time for game or lame i will give reasons as to why i think a game is good or lame


League of legends: A very good PvP game if you can get past the people on it I recomend roping 4 friends into playing with you
Uncharted waters Online: while this game is a very slow starter once you get into it its one of the best games out there
Team fortress 2: a very very good FPS one of the best out there its now F2P
Runes of magic: A good free alt to paying for WoW
Champions online: has one of the best character customiseations ever,great quests and unique setting
Mabinogi: Fantasy real pressure to do quests you could just master playing a flute or making potions for friends
BattleForge: RTS and a TCG very uniqueand good fun to play solo or PvP


Grand Fantasia: looks bland,unresponsive controlls,awful quests the game is 1 big grind
City of heroes: same as grand fantasia but the plus side less grind
Dream of mirror online (DOMO), it is just chinese grand fantasia seriously
Avalon heroes: its a much more broken version of league of legends far more imba and just simply awful

A bit blah*

(these games i have played and have no problem with them but arent worthy to be in the game section)

Pirates of the Burning Sea: while it looks nicer than uncharted waters i dident have as much fun on this
Heroes of newerth: while this game plays a lot like LoL (due to them being based around DotA) i found i am better and enjoy LoL more but HoNs community is better
Pangya: while i love this game on the psp and wii i feel the online version punishes people too much when they dont pay for cash shop items

(*please note i will be trying this again)
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MMO dos and donts
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