The Ark

RP based on a space conoly
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 News 08/04/12

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News 08/04/12 Empty
PostSubject: News 08/04/12   News 08/04/12 EmptyMon Apr 09, 2012 3:29 am

Okay its just a quick news hit

Im busy

Okay so as you know i am busy getting stuff sorted for my cousins wedding i probally wont be active in terms of admin work so from now till after the wedding Amelia Felmes is acting head admin.

event manager

Masayoshi Shun is our event manager story and events only need to be done once a month for for no longer than a week I expect good things


We are in dire need of members so please please ask people if they would give it a try or something
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News 08/04/12
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